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  • Designing Beautiful Garments to Maintain Dignity.

    Reducing Anxiety, Improving Quality of Life

A Unique Range of Attractive Clothing for People Living with Dementia.

At last, an alternative to ‘adult bibs’, ‘clothing protectors’ and showering and bathing battles. Limon Attire has designed a unique range of clothing to help retain the Dignity, Identity and Individuality of those living with dementia. As well as the garments being thoughtfully and attractively designed, we have changed our language to be more dignified too. Instead of clothing protectors or adult bibs ours are called Dining drAprons®. We say ‘those living with Dementia’ not Dementia or Alzheimer’s ‘sufferers’ or ‘patients’.

The garments are designed with the wearer in mind, and not just the convenience of the carer, but each attractive and functional garment can also help take stress out of some daily tasks, such as mealtimes and showering.

So have a browse through our website. We hope you like what you see and that they can add some joy into what we know is a difficult time.

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